Morricone, Ennio - ''Love Themes''

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CD    22 tracks  (65:48) 
  play>  01   The Encounter [from ''The Master and Margherita''-1972]             04:16
  play>  02   Deep in My Eyes [from ''Menage All'Italiana''-1965]             02:26
  play>  03   Hopes of Freedom [from ''Sacco e Vanzetti''-1970]             02:29
  play>  04   To Die and Live [from ''Disobedience''-1981]             04:30
  play>  05   And Woman Created Man [from ''E la donna creo l'uomo''-1964]             01:57
  play>  06   Metello (ver.III) [from ''Metello''-1970]             02:22
  play>  07   Anguish and Pursuit [from ''The Greek''-1964]             02:40
  play>  08   Before the Revolution [from ''Prima della rivoluzione''-1964]             03:45
  play>  09   The Adventurer (part 1) [from ''The Rover''-1967]             04:50
  play>  10   Down the Ancient Staircase [from ''Per le antiche scale''-1975]             03:28
  play>  11   Mirian and Philip [from ''The Secret of the Sahara''-1987]             02:24
  play>  12   One for Three [from ''Harem''-1967]             03:06
  play>  13   Triumph of Love [from ''The Indifferent''-1988]             03:27
  play>  14   Giordano Bruno's Theme [from ''Giordano Bruno''-1973]             02:57
  play>  15   What Have You Done to Solange [from ''Cosa avete fatto a Solange''-1972]             02:38
  play>  16   For Love [from ''Per amore''-1976]             02:19
  play>  17   Lovers beyond the Tomb (ver.III) [from ''Nightmare Castle''-1965]             02:21
  play>  18   You'll See Me Return (instrumental) [from ''Mi verdai tornare''-1965]             02:39
  play>  19   In Church [from ''Grand Slam''-1967]             02:28
  play>  20   The Most Important Things [from ''Idols Against the Light''-1966]             04:13
  play>  21   Now It's Love [from ''Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down''-1990]             01:45
  play>  22   Jill's America [from ''Once Upon a Time in the West''-1969]             02:48
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Location 007
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo