David Sylvian - The Good Son VS The Only Daughter
Samadhisound  (2004)

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CD    9 tracks  (48:51) 
  play>  01   The Only Daughter (remixed by Ryoji Ikeda)             05:49
  play>  02   Blemish (remixed by Burnt Friedman)             04:50
  play>  03   The Heart Knows Better (remixed by Sweet Billy Pilgrim)             05:29
  play>  04   A Fire in the Forest (remixed by Readymade FC)             05:05
  play>  05   The Good Son (remixed by Yoshihiro Hanno)             04:33
  play>  06   Late Night Shopping (remixed by Burnt Friedman)             02:51
  play>  07   How Little We Need to Be Happy (remixed by Tatsuhiko Asano)             04:35
  play>  08   The Only Daughter (remixed by Jan Bang and Erik Honore)             05:28
  play>  09   Blemish (remixed by Akira Rabelais)             10:11
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Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo