Philip Glass - The Essential Philip Glass (comp) (2002)

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CD    13 tracks  (74:45) 
  play>  01   Lightning (Janice Pendarvis (vocals), The Philip Glass Ensembl e)             06:46
  play>  02   Changing Opinion (Bernard Fowler (vocals), Michael Riesman (pi ano), Paul Dunkel (flute))             10:00
  play>  03   Facades (The Philip Glass Ensemble)             07:23
  play>  04   A Gentleman's Honour (The Philip Glass Ensemble)             03:20
  play>  05   The Kuru Field Of Justice (extract from 'Satyagraha') (Douglas Perry (tenor), New York City Opera Orchestra)             06:09
  play>  06   Protest (from 'Satyagraha') (Douglas Perry (tenor), New York C ity Opera Orchestra and Chorus)             04:21
  play>  07   Evening Song (from 'Satyagraha') (Douglas Perry (tenor), New Y ork City Opera Orchestra and Chorus)             04:11
  play>  08   Hymn To The Sun (from 'Akhnaten') (Paul Esswood (counter tenor ), Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra and Chorus)             06:18
  play>  09   Window of Appearances (from 'Akhnaten') (Paul Esswood (counter tenor), Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra)             04:28
  play>  10   Bed (from 'Einstein On The Beach') (The Philip Glass Ensemble)             03:44
  play>  11   Dances (The Philip Glass Ensemble and guests)             05:01
  play>  12   Metamorphosis Four (Philip Glass (solo piano))             07:06
  play>  13   Closing (The Phillip Glass Ensemble)             05:58
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